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Unrequited Love  .  director Chris Petit
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director Chris Petit
country GB/Germany/Finland/Canada
year 2006
duration 77 minutes
media Digibeta PAL
color Color
language OF
producer Keith Griffiths, Alexander Ris & J?rg Rothe
production "ILLUMINATIONS FILMS Ltd 19-20 Rheidol Mews Rheidol Terrace London N1 8NU MEDIOPOLIS Film & Fernsehproduktion Gmbh B?lowstrasse 66 D-10783 Berlin"

"Rebecca Marshall

Gregory Dart

Vibeche Standal"

cinematography Chris Petit
editor Emma Matthews
music Mario Schneider, Thies Isaak Streifinger


Louise Machin

A: 19-20 Rheidol Mews

Rheidol Terrace


London N1 8NU


Fon: +44 20 7288 8409

Fax: +44 20 7359 1151



Based on an English academic's memoir on stalking and being stalked, Unrequited Love is a film essay on cinema and absence (a story told without reverse angles), on Hitchcock and Antonioni, on cinema and cities. A story of waiting, self-delusion, panic, fear of violence, of a modern technology which defines the urban stalker as it does the new terrorist. The methods duplicate: irrational and targeted -- a black valentine.


"Chris Petit is a prolific filmmaker and writer of international standing.

His feature films include Radio On (1979) and Chinese Boxes (1984). More recent experimental work includes Negative Space (2000)-- an essay on the legendary American painter and film critic, Manny Farber - and film collaborations with his fellow writer Iain Sinclair, among them The Falconer (1997), Asylum (2000) and London Orbital (2002). As a novelist he has specialised in revealing secret political histories: The Psalm Killer (1996), The Human Pool (2002) and The Passenger (2006). He is the only man alive who appears in the Pocket Essential guides to both Agatha Christie (as director of Miss Marple: A Caribbean Mystery; 1989) and London Writing (as author of Robinson; 1993)."


Unter der Sonne  .  director Baran bo Odar
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director Baran bo Odar
screenplay Baran bo Odar
country Germany
year 2006
duration 60 minutes
media 35mm/Scope
color Color
language OmeU
producer Maren L?thje, Florian Schneider
production "Luethje & Schneider Filmproduktion GbR Blumenstra?e 28 (302) 80331 M?nchen Deutschland Fon: +49 89 85 63 60 06 Fax: +49 89 85 63 60 07"

"Maximilian Waldmann

Janina Stopper

Astrid M. F?nderich

Uwe Rohde

Alexandra von Schwerin

Kristian Wanzl"

cinematography Nikolaus Summerer
editor Mike Marzuk
music Oliver Tiede

"Luethje & Schneider Filmproduktion GbR

Blumenstra?e 28 (302)

80331 M?nchen


Fon: +49 89 85 63 60 06

Fax: +49 89 85 63 60 07"


"August 1984. The Summer is maddening hot. The 23rd Olympic Summer Games are taking place in Los Angeles. On a radio show, Ronald Reagan makes a joke about bombing Russia. A catastrophic drought causes a bad harvest in over twenty African countries; every month over 20.000 children are dying in Ethiopia. None of this really matters to a young boy named VIKTOR, who is wrapped up in his own world.

During the summer vacation, Victor is sent for the weekend to his aunt and his cousin?s. This shouldn?t be that special, if it wasn?t for his infatuation with his 15-year-old cousin Denise or the terrible neighbor?s dog he was attacked by years ago. Perhaps the incident at the bridge would have never happened?"



Baran bo Odar studied at the Munich Academy of Film and Television and participated in the 2003 Berlinale Talent Campus. He also completed the Masterclass of Commercial and Image Films. In addition to numerous video clips and commercials, his other films include: 216 (short, 1998), UND IWR SUCHEN NACH DEM GL?CK (documentary short, 2002), MR. SMITH & MRS: KOWACEK (short, 2002), KILL YOUR STEREO (short, 2003) SQUEAK (QUIETSCH, short, 2005), and UNTER THE SUN (UNTER DER SONNE, 2006)

Valerie  .  director Birgit M?ller
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director Birgit M?ller
screenplay Ruth Rehmet, Ilja Haller, Milena Baisch, Birgit M?ller, Elke Sudmann
country Germany
year 2006
duration 85 minutes
media 35mm
color Color
language OF
producer Susann Schimk, J?rg Trentmann
production "credoverleih GbR/ Zauberland J?rg Trentmann Schiffbauerdamm 13 10117 Berlin fon: +49 30 257 624 0 fax: +49 30 2570624 22"

"Agata Buzek

Devid Streisow

Birol ?nel

Ricarda Me?ner


cinematography Kolja Raschke
sound Juri von Krause
editor Piet Schmelz
music Christian Conrad

"credoverleih GbR/ Zauberland

J?rg Trentmann

Schiffbauerdamm 13

10117 Berlin

fon: +49 30 257 624 0

fax: +49 30 2570624 22"


Right before Christmas the once successful model VALERIE ends up in Berlin. She still has a room in the exclusive Hotel Hyatt, but actually the 29 years old girl is completely broke and without any prospects. She covers the gravity of her situation in front of friends and collegues. When Valerie has to leave her hotel room, she doesn?t even have enough money to pay the fee for the parking lot. From that point on, she spends the nights in her car and lives like a stowaway in the world of the rich and beautiful.

directors statement

The idea was inspired by an article on an american phanomena, the so called ?shadow women?. Beautiful women between glamourous catwalks, parties and champaign. But then also without a home, sleeping in their cars or even in the parcs. The film is about the high and the low, the opposition between outside and inside, between shine and truth and what happens to a soul under this condition. Valerie swings between the different worlds. The story takes place on four days at christmas time. A tale about modern homelessness, about beauty and honesty.



Born 1972 in Osnabr?ck, Germany. Since 1994 works as materialassistant and cameraassistant. 1994-96 studies at the staatliche Fachschule f?r Optik und Film (SFOF) in Berlin. 2003 feature film-jury membership at Sehs?chte Babelsberg. Since 1997 studies at German Film- and Television Academy (dffb) camera and director. Since 2003 director for TV and cinema among other things Pall Mall, Twix, FCB, Musicload, Huyndai, Monster, T-Com



"? 8 - Shortfilm by Catharina Deus, 16mm, 2000

Fl?gge - Kleines Fernsehspiel ZDF, by Elke Hauck, 16mm, 82min., 2001

Der Freund der Friseuse - Shortfilm by Catharina Deus, S-16mm, 2001

Risking my Soul - Musicvideo for the group Deadline, 2002

Gombas, Slogans - 2x Kino-Socialspots, Director: Albert Heiser, 2002

Liebe Wurst Europa - Coproduction SFB ?DFFB, DV-Cam, 30 min, 2002 Director: Volkmar Umlauft

F?r immer f?r dich - Debut im Dritten, SWR/ARTE, by Lih Jannowitz, S-16mm, 2002

Marina - Shortfilm by Tereza Curzio, S-16mm, 2003

Die Boxerin (about a girl) - credofilm / ZDF Das kleine Fernsehspiel, Director: Catharina Deus, 105 min, 2005

Souvenir from Berlin - Shortfilm, Talentcampus Berlinale 2005"


Valley of Flowers  .  director Pan Nalin
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director Pan Nalin
screenplay Pan Nalin
country Deutschland/Frankreich
year 2006
duration 120 minutes
media 35mm
color Color
language OmeU
producer Christoph Friedel, Claudia Steffen, Karl Baumgartner
production Pandora Film Produktion Ebertplatz 21 50668 K?ln Deutschland Fon: +49-(0)221-97 33 20 Fax: +49-(0)221-97 33 29

Milind Soman, Myl?ne Jampanoi, Naseeruddin Shah, ERI, Jampa Kalsang, Anil Yadav

cinematography Michal Englert
sound Michael Dominowski (sound designer), Robert J?ger (re-recording mixer), Josef P?rzchen (original sound)
editor Sylvie Gadmer
music Cyril Morin


VALLEY OF FlOWERS is a Himalayan legend of a love struggling against the inevitability of death, an astonishing tale spanning from the early 19th century mountain existence, to hectic, bustling modern day Tokyo.


Kinofilme als Autor & Regisseur:



(Dreh Sommer 2004)

SATORI (Sudden Enlightenment)

(in development, geplanter Dreh 2007)


35mm/CinemaScope/Dolby Digital/OV Ladakhi/138minutes


Dokumentarfilme als Autor & Regisseur:



(in research & development)


35mm/Dolby Stereo/110minutes


50minutes/Stereo ?Indien/Frankreich/USA


55minutes/S16mm/Stereo ?Frankreich/UK/Belgien/D?nemark/Indien


50minutes/16mm/Stereo ?France/USA/India

1993: TULKUS

56minutes/S16mm/Stereo ?France/India


Kurzfilme als Autor & Regisseur:


1996: DOUBT

1995: EIFFEL TOWER TRILOGY: Height, Weight & Gravity



Vet? De Mi  .  director V?ctor Garc?a Le?n
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director V?ctor Garc?a Le?n
screenplay V?ctor Garc?a Le?n y Jon?s Trueba
country Spain
year 2006
duration 90 minutes
media 35mm
color Color
language OmeU
producer Juan Gona
production Gona Cine y Televisi?n, S.L. Avda. de Espa?a, 31-1?C 28220 Majadahonda (Madrid) Spanien Tel. 34 91 634 74 30 Fax 34 91 638 88 78

Juan Diego

Juan Diego Botto

Cristina Plazas


cinematography Misha Lluch
editor B?ster Franco
music David San Jos


Joaqu?n Costa, 43-2? Planta

28002 Madrid

Tel. 34 91 581 79 92

Fax 34 91 581 78 13


Santiago has never been the main character of anything... neither of theatre nor of cinema... not even of his own life. But Santiago had never thought that to lodge his thirtyish son Guillermo in his house for some days would change his life so much?.

"Vete de mi" is a "familiar" mask dance, a dance of encounters and mix-ups between two congenital selfish men: a compulsive liar that is able to alter the emotional state of relatives surrounding him, and a supporting actor who has not been successful in his working life and who discovers that his whole life is a lye .., it is a satiric and bitter comedy about how to arrive to our fifties, lose our job and find our son, but desire just the opposite.



V?ctor Garc?a Le?n

He was born in 1976, and although he has a journalistic education, V?ctor Garc?a Le?n has participated like an actor, production assistant, script and camera apprentice in many filming.

He directed the short ?El Gilipollas? (awarded in various festivals). In the year 2001 he directed his first film, called ?M?s Pena que Gloria?, where he was also co-scriptwriter with Jon?s Trueba. This film has participated in many festivals (Chicago, Los Angeles, Toulouse, San Sebastian, Malaga, etc.) obtaining the Best Actor Award in the Malaga Festival

Views of a Retired Night Porter  .  director Andreas Horvath
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director Andreas Horvath
country Austria
year 2006
duration 35 minutes
media Digibeta PAL
color Color
language OmeU
production "Schwarzenberg Promenade 60 Andreas Horvath 5026 Salzburg ?sterreich Fon: +43 662 623 162 Fax: +43 662 623 162"
cinematography Andreas Horvath
editor Andreas Horvath
music Marek Grechuta

"Schwarzenberg Promenade 60

Andreas Horvath

5026 Salzburg


Fon: +43 662 623 162

Fax: +43 662 623 162"


In the legendary documentary A NIGHT PORTER?S POINT OF VIEW, filmmaker Krzysztof Kieslowski wanted to expose the Polish totalitarian state by creating a portrait of a night porter who in former times was a well known icon of social realism. Austrian filmmaker Andreas Horvath, inspired by Kieslowski?s film, tries to get to the core of the true person inside the porter by revisiting him in his follow-up documentary VIEWS OF A RETIRED NIGHT PORTER. Horvath initially sets out to learn more about the night porter?s path in life, but, guided by unerring intuition, he also manages to make important statements about the Polish people and the effects of recent historical developments as well as filmmaking and Kieslowski himself.


"Clearance (1998)

Poroerotus (1999)

The Silence of Green (2002)

This ain?t no Heartland (2004)"

Vineta  .  director Franziska St?nkel
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director Franziska St?nkel
screenplay Franziska St?nkel
country Germany
year 2005
duration 92 minutes
media 35mm
color Color
language OmeU
producer Frank Kaminski, Ulrich Stiehm
production "Kaminski.Stiehm.Film GmbH Gormannstr. 14 10119 Berlin tel.:+49 30-30878460 fax: +49 30-30878466 Jumping Horse Film GbR Spannhagenstr. 28 30655 Hannover Fon: +49 511 3908 0274"

"Peter Lohmeyer

Ulrich Matthes

Justus von Dohn?nyi

Matthias Brandt

Susanne Wolff


cinematography Carsten Thiele
sound Kai L?de
editor Budelmann, Sarah Clara Weber
music Ingo Ludwig Frenzel


Sebastian F?rber is a successful architect with a foible for poetry but he is constantly under pressure. His daughter Himalaya only knows him crouched in the dark behind his laptop and drawing board maniacally cracking nuts while he draws up utopian buildings which no one is going to pay for anymore. Despite suffering from the teensiest bit of a heart attack F?rber relentlessly starts a new project: a top-secret high-security futuristic townscape on the island of Vineta, which cannot be found on any map. In a remote villa F?rber and a team of experts are to finish the project under the leadership of mysterious Dr. Leonhard. In the middle of his hectic schedule F?rber realises that his office is monitored by strange videocameras and he starts to question his loyalties and his daughter as well. Franziska St?nkel?s debut is a moving and frightening chamber piece carried by a splendid cast and a truly claustrophobic atmosphere.


Franziska St?nkel finished her studies as a scriptwriter and director under Prof. Uwe Schrader at the University of Applied Sciences Hannover. She was given various scholarships, among other things a two-year vgf production scholarship for young filmmakers in the Bavarian film metropolis Munich, a promotional film scholarship of Niedersachsen and a one-year script scholarshop under Wojciech Marczewski. She futhermore was chosen to participate in the international programme for futher education ?Talents 2003? lectured by Mogens Rukov and in the ?Berlinale Talent Campus 2003?. Franziska St?nkel's short films are shown at international fim festivals in 19 countries and have repeatedly received awards such as the ?Premio Nuovo Talent Award? in New York. Within the framework of the ?Next Generation 2001? her short ?W?nsch Dir Was? is presented at the international film festival in Cannes. VINETA is the director and scriptwriter's first full-lenght film for the cinema.


"2005/ 2006 ?Vineta?, Kinospielfilm, Regie und Drehbuch

2004 ?It?s a small world and things like this?, Kurzspielfilm, Regie und Drehbuch

2001 ?W?nsch dir was?, Kurzspielfilm, Regie und Drehbuch

1999 ?Bonbon?, Kurzspielfilm, Regie und Drehbuch"

Voices of Bam  .  director Aliona van der Horst, Maasja Ooms
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director Aliona van der Horst, Maasja Ooms
screenplay Aliona van der Horst
country The Netherlands
year 2006
duration 90 minutes
media Digibeta PAL
color Color
language OmeU
producer Frank van den Engel
production "Zeppers Film & TV Joh. Verhulstraat 174 1075 HC, Amsterdam Niederlande Fon: +31 20 675 85 94 Fax: +31 20 679 39 29"
cinematography Maasja Ooms
sound Rik Meier
editor Stefan Kamp

"Doc & Co

13, rue Portefoin

F-75003 Paris


T +33 142 778965

F +33 142 773656"


"Ever since the earthquake of December 2003, Bam in Southern Iran is nothing but rubble and ruin. Not only have its walls crumbled, exposing kitchens and courtyards, the hearts of its people too, appear to have fallen open. Like a ghost, the camera drifts through the town,

recording the everyday events of Bam?s inhabitants and picking up the intimate, inner conversations they have with their dear departed. In doing so, the film also touches upon the relationship between men and women in Iran and their relationship to God. Above all, ?Voices of Bam? is an ode to the indefatigable life-force embodied by the people of this town. The film is inspired by photographs that were recovered from the town?s debris...the only tangible mementoes left of life before the earthquake."


"Aliona van der Horst (1970) was born in Moscow, Russia, and grew up in the Netherlands. After she graduated Cum Laude at the University of Amsterdam in Russian Language and Literature in 1993, she started studying documentary filmmaking at the Dutch Film and Television Academy. Her graduation film ?The Lady with the White Hat? (1997) was awarded several times, nationally and internationally. Since then Aliona made various documentaries for Dutch public broadcasters: Chained (1997), The Little Red Box (1998), After the Spring of ?68 (2001), winner of a Dutch Academy Award for best documentary, Hermitaz-niks (2003), winner of a Dutch Academy Award for best Cultural Program and Relieved (2004).


Maasja Ooms (1968) studied Photography at the Dutch Academy of Arts and the Dutch Film and Television Academy. Maasja and Aliona have been working together since Aliona?s graduation film The Lady with the White Hat. She was DoP for many documentaries since. In 2003 she also started co-directing documentaries."

Walter  .  director Anne Kauth
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director Anne Kauth
country Germany
year 2005
duration 15 minutes
media MiniDV
color Color
producer Anne Kauth
cinematography Tim Garde
editor Tim Garde


The train station area in Frankfurt am Main. Between the con artists, brothels and junkies, Walter has found his niche for survival though; he cleans cars for the pimps and prostitutes. He has a background however. ?Walter? is the portrait of a person who copes with everyday life against all adversity.

Weekend Warriors  .  director Alexa Oona Schulz
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director Alexa Oona Schulz
screenplay Alexa Oona Schulz
country Germany
year 2005
duration 93 minutes
media Digibeta PAL
color Color
language OmeU
producer Alexa Oona Schulz
production "blue moon film Alexa Oona Schulz Schustehrusstr. 45 10585 Berlin tel: +49.(0) 30. 240 48 791"
cinematography Dirk Heuer
sound Ingo Aurich
editor Jenny Allmendinger
music Robert F. Trucios


"United we stand. ? Divided we fall. The battle cry at American Football. The battle cry of a world about unconditional team spirit and victory. About honour and respect. And about standing one's ground. In American Football applies an old and traditional value system that is popluar again today.

American Footbal is the number one sport in the USA: But there is also a surprisingly high amount of Germans going totally crazy about the wrangling on grass. The documentary ?Weekend Warriors? accompanies four amateurs of the First Division team of the ?Berlin Adler? in their fight for the most important title in Germany ? the GERMAN BOWL. The camera is everywhere: on the football field and in the cubicles, at home on the sofa and in the office, in cheering and in tears. And follows the question: Why do the Germans actually play American Football?"


"Alexa Oona Schulz is director and scriptwriter. ?Weekend Warriors? is her first full-length documentary. Further documentaries she did are films for the TV stations arte and Vox. She has written scripts for the German TV station ZDF: Her short films were shown at festivals and repertory cinemas all over the world and were awarded several prizes.


Alexa Oona Schulz studied directing at the film school CECC in Barcelona and at the Tisch School of the Arts. A further study visit to Cuba at the EICTV was promoted by a scholarship of the Carl Duisburg Gesellschaft. After longer stays abroad in Spain an the USA, Alexa Oona Schulz now lives in Berlin."