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Ahrens, Arne : Gro?stadtr?uber (City Robbers)  .  director Arne Ahrens
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director Arne Ahrens
screenplay Arne Ahrens
country Deutschland
year 2006
duration 20 minutes
media 35mm
color Color
language OF
producer Dirk Wellbrock
production Kontrastfilm GbR Wallstra?e 11 55122 Mainz Deutschland Fon: +49 (0)6131-9060781 Fax: +49 (0)6131-9060780

Julia Brendler

Fabian Busch

Tim Riedel

Pierre Gries?l

Jan Schuba

Thomas Klein


cinematography Reiner Speidel
sound Holger Jung
editor Arne Ahrens
music Andreas und Matthias Hornschuh


In the world of her dreams it's all about love, happiness and a guy named Tomek. But in reality Hanne is rather shy, yet she is a pickpocket. Tomek however seems unapproachable to her. In the course of a heist in a bar she runs into him - that?s her shot! But as it turns out Tomek is found suspicious of thievery.


Arne Ahrens was born in Hamburg, Germany in 1975. After school-graduation he worked as an editor in Hamburg, D?sseldorf and Mainz. Since 2001 he is a student of dramatics in the field of media at the university of Mainz.

Arne Ahrens has shot several short-films since 1998, which were shown at filmfestivals throughout Germany, America and Japan. His filmography includes projects that were produced in the USA while he was studying at Balll Tate University, Indiana.


Al-Jezairi, Nasir : Interdom  .  director Nasir Al-Jezairi
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director Nasir Al-Jezairi
country Germany
year 2006
duration 52 minutes
media Digibeta PAL
color Color & B/W
language OmeU
producer Nasir Al-Jezairi
production "Indivision Bergstrasse 79 D-10115 Berlin Tel/Fax +49 30 48493959"
cinematography Ingo Witte
editor Nasir Al-Jezairi


In the past 70 years, Interdom, an elite boarding school in the former Soviet Union, educated children from all five continents in the communist ideology. They were children from conflict areas or children of political leaders. They all have one experience in common: the collapse of communism has altered the direction of their predetermined fates. After 14 years they meet again in Russia for the school?s 70th anniversary. The film reflects the events of world politics from a very personal perspective.


Nasir Al-Jezairi was born in 1971 in Iraq. In 1979 his family escapes Saddam Hussein to Lebanon. The war in Beirut in 1981 forces his parents to send him to a boarding school in the Soviet Union. In 1989 Gorbatchov?s Perestroika puts an end to his time there. Since then, Nasir lived, studied and worked in Munich, London and Berlin. Interdom is his first independent film after working on various TV and Film productions.

Amigorena, Santiago : Quelques Jours en Septembre (A Few Days in September)  .  director Santiago Amigorena
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director Santiago Amigorena
screenplay Santiago Amigorena
country France
year 2006
duration 110 minutes
media 35mm
color Color
language OmeU
producer Paulo Branco
production Gemini Films Les Films du Rat France 2 Cin?ma Production Group (Italien)

Juliette Binoche

John Turturro

Sara Forestier

Tom Riley

Nick Nolte

Mathieu Demy

Said Amadis


cinematography Christophe Beaucarne
sound Fran?ois Waledish
editor Sarah Turoche
music Laurent Martin

Gemini Films

34, bd S?bastopol

75004 Paris


Fon: +33 1 44 88 25 26

Fax: +33 1 40 39 05 90



September 1, 2001.

Elliot, an American spy decides to go into hiding as he has received a crucial information. At the same time he wants to see his daughter Orlando again whom he has left ten years ago. Ir?ne, an old friend of his, is to organise their meeting in Venice together with Elliot's adopted son David. She doesn't expect William Pound, though, an unscrupulous killer and occasional poet...



Santiago Amigorena was born in Buenos Aires some 40 years ago. After having written the scripts for about 20 films (LES GENS NORMAUX N?ONT RIEN D?EXCEPTIONNEL, LE FILS DU REQUIN, LE P?RIL JEUNE, SAMBA TRAOR?, POST CO?TUM ANIMAL TRISTE, RIEN ? FAIRE, TOKYO EYES among others), she published four books (UNE ENFANCE LACONIQUE, UNE JEUNESSE APHONE, UNE ADOLESCENCE TACITURNE, LE PREMIER AMOUR). She then decided to make her first film: QUELQUES JOURS EN SEPTEMBRE.

Aronson, JL: Danielson: A Family Movie  .  director JL Aronson
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director JL Aronson
country USA
year 2006
duration 105 minutes
media Digibeta PAL
color Color
language OF
producer JL Aronson
production "Creative Arson Productions Cumberland Street Brooklyn, NY 11238 USA tel: 646.342.9646"
cinematography JL Aronson
editor JL Aronson
music Danielson


Danielson: a Family Movie is a documentary about unbridled creativity vs. accessibility, Christian faith vs. popular culture, underground music vs. survival, and family vs. individuality. The film follows Daniel Smith, an eccentric musician and visual artist, as he leads his four siblings and best friend to indie-rock stardom. Beginning in 1994 when the youngest band member was 10 years old, the Danielson Famile performs in white, vintage nurse costumes to symbolize the healing power of the Good News, a recurring subject matter. Though tepidly received by the Christian music world, the South Jersey farmland-bred clan is widely embraced by the mainstream independent music community, written about in Rolling Stone, Spin, the New York Times and elsewhere as an outsider curiosity backed up by innovative, experimental music. But as with other family acts, and particularly those that don't make much money, members of the band begin to seek out their own paths as they go through college and Daniel eventually faces the struggle to become viable as a solo act. With production starting in 2002, at a high water mark for the band, all the drama is played out before the camera making Danielson: a Family Movie both engaging and entertaining. Collage, direct cinema, animation and memorable performances all contribute to this thoughtful and thought-provoking spectacle.


"JL Aronson?s own documentary and experimental film work includes ""Senior Picture"" (distributed on the Kill Rock Stars ?Starter Set? DVD) and the feature documentary, ""Punk Rock/ Heavy Metal Karaoke"" (2001). He is also the founder of Creative Arson Productions, creating TV commercials, marketing videos and full-length programs for the Village Voice, Siren Music Festival, Central Park Summerstage, Coney Island, and Wired Magazine, among many others. A feature documentary about pigeon fanciers in a changing Brooklyn landscape will be released in 2007. "

Balabanov, Alexey: Zhmurki (Dead Man's Bluff)  .  director Alexey Balabanov
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director Alexey Balabanov
screenplay Stas Mokhnachev, Alexey Balabanov
country Russia
year 2005
duration 107 minutes
media 35mm
color Color
language OmeU
producer Sergey Selyanov
production CTB Film Company

"Alexey Panin

Dmitry Dyuzhev

Nikita Mikhalkov

Sergey Makovetsky


cinematography Evgeny Privin
editor Tatyana Kuzmicheva
music Vyacheslav Butusov

"Intercinema XXI Century

Fon: +7 495 255 90 52

Fax: +7 495 255 90 82"


Two young mobsters get hold of a case full of heroin belonging to a local well established and respected gangster (Nikita Mikhalkov). The young neophytes try to cheat him not quite understanding how tough a man he really is. A top-flight ensemble of popular Russian actors creates a collective portrait of the Russian Mafia of 1990?s with their macho attitude, raspberry jackets, short haircuts and finger thick golden neck chains and penchant to shoot one another with reckless abandon.


Director, scriptwriter, producer ALEXEY BALABANOV was born in Sverdlovsk in 1959. Graduated from Foreign Languages College in Gorky and Director?s Courses in Moscow. He made two documentaries and moved to St. Petersburg where he directed his first feature film.


"(as director)

1988 The Day of the Angel

1990 The Day of the Spirit

1995 The Time of Sorrow Has Not Come Yet

1995 The Russian Idea"

Becker, Eva: Die unertr?gliche Seichtigkeit  .  director Eva Becker
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director Eva Becker
screenplay Eva Becker
country Germany
year 2006
duration 5.18 minutes
media MiniDV
color Color
cinematography Eva Becker
editor Eva Becker


?Die unertr?gliche Seichtigkeit? (?Unbearable Shallowness?) is a ?melan-comic? film about men and women, the amount of things and of course... CHER! Director Eva Becker?s five-minute short film successfully combines humor and depth.

Berger, Anna: o.T.  .  director Anna Berger
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director Anna Berger
screenplay Anna Berger
country Germany
year 2005
duration 12 minutes
media MiniDV
color Color
language OF

Daniel Kohl, Tai Elshorst, Bertram Ritter, Isabelle Fein, Tanja K?mper

cinematography Nina Werth, Mark Liedtke, Anna Berger, Hartmut Berger
editor Anna Berger

Anna Berger

Weberstr. 83

60318 Frankfurt

Fon:: 0172 8862531



The film deals with the pain felt at the death of one?s mother. A young woman?s voice-over talks about the impossibility of coming to terms with this pain through various therapies. She does this with the same laconic humour which marks the images of the film. They are images of absurd moments which reveal the faultline running through the world, when everything in life seems somehow wrong. It makes us laugh, but this laughter is always a way to recognise a pain that won?t go away. Anna Berger uses simple means to find strong images and words for a form of mourning based on humour.


anna berger

born: frankfurt/main 1975


1997-2005 studied at the academy of art and design offenbach, diploma

studied film (prof. helmut herbst and prof. rotraut pape)

and experimental spatial concepts (prof. heiner blum)



films (selection)

2000 dish, 4min, 16mm farbe/beta, dokumentarfilm

2001 where the rabbit sleeps/sensorama, zus. mit michel kl?fkorn, 4min, dv, musikvideo

2002 hose, 2min, dv

2004 ballet, zus. mit michel kl?fkorn, 3min, dv

2005 untitled, 12min, dv


Bergmann, Harald: Brinkmanns Zorn  .  director Harald Bergmann
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director Harald Bergmann
screenplay Harald Bergmann
country Germany
year 2006
duration 105 minutes
media 35mm
color Color
language OF
producer Margot Schmidt-Reichart, Gritta Ewald
production Harald Bergmann Filmproduktion in Koproduktion mit dem WDR

Eckhard Rohde

Alexandra Finder

Martin Kurz

Rainer Sellien

Isabel Schosnig


cinematography Elfi Mikesch, Harald Bergmann
sound Volker Zeigermann
editor Harald Bergmann

Neue Visionen Filmverleih

Schliemannstr. 5

10437 Berlin

Fon: +49 30 44008844


Harald Bergmann?s film ?Brinkmanns Zorn? portraits the poet Rolf Dieter Brinkmann, who demands everything at once ? love, death, pop, hate, art. Based on Brinkmann?s original tape recordings and Super8 clippings, Harold Bergmann has made a fascinating film about the literary icon. A film that ? just like Brinkmann himself ? uses different media and cinematic devices to depict modern reality. Here documentary and biography merge and become an outstanding work of art; one that in regards to authenticity and fascination is nearly unsurpassable.

bo Odar, Baran: Unter der Sonne  .  director Baran bo Odar
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director Baran bo Odar
screenplay Baran bo Odar
country Germany
year 2006
duration 60 minutes
media 35mm/Scope
color Color
language OmeU
producer Maren L?thje, Florian Schneider
production "Luethje & Schneider Filmproduktion GbR Blumenstra?e 28 (302) 80331 M?nchen Deutschland Fon: +49 89 85 63 60 06 Fax: +49 89 85 63 60 07"

"Maximilian Waldmann

Janina Stopper

Astrid M. F?nderich

Uwe Rohde

Alexandra von Schwerin

Kristian Wanzl"

cinematography Nikolaus Summerer
editor Mike Marzuk
music Oliver Tiede

"Luethje & Schneider Filmproduktion GbR

Blumenstra?e 28 (302)

80331 M?nchen


Fon: +49 89 85 63 60 06

Fax: +49 89 85 63 60 07"


"August 1984. The Summer is maddening hot. The 23rd Olympic Summer Games are taking place in Los Angeles. On a radio show, Ronald Reagan makes a joke about bombing Russia. A catastrophic drought causes a bad harvest in over twenty African countries; every month over 20.000 children are dying in Ethiopia. None of this really matters to a young boy named VIKTOR, who is wrapped up in his own world.

During the summer vacation, Victor is sent for the weekend to his aunt and his cousin?s. This shouldn?t be that special, if it wasn?t for his infatuation with his 15-year-old cousin Denise or the terrible neighbor?s dog he was attacked by years ago. Perhaps the incident at the bridge would have never happened?"



Baran bo Odar studied at the Munich Academy of Film and Television and participated in the 2003 Berlinale Talent Campus. He also completed the Masterclass of Commercial and Image Films. In addition to numerous video clips and commercials, his other films include: 216 (short, 1998), UND IWR SUCHEN NACH DEM GL?CK (documentary short, 2002), MR. SMITH & MRS: KOWACEK (short, 2002), KILL YOUR STEREO (short, 2003) SQUEAK (QUIETSCH, short, 2005), and UNTER THE SUN (UNTER DER SONNE, 2006)

Brodsky, Alexandra : Bittersweet Place  .  director Alexandra Brodsky
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director Alexandra Brodsky
screenplay Alexandra Brodsky, Jen Albano
country USA
year 2005
duration 86 minutes
media Digibeta NTSC
color Color
language OF
producer Eric J. Bender, Alexandra Brodsky, Evan T. Cohen
cinematography David Tumblety
editor Steven Gonzales
music Peter Salett

Samantha Dean & Associates

847a Second Ave. #258

New York, N.Y. 11017


Fon: +1 212 490 8006

Fax: +1 212 490 2340


Things are hard enough for the Schaffer family of Bittersweet Place, Long Island. Pappy, the widowed patriarch and his hapless son-in-law run a local car service that?s seen better days. His two adult daughters live at home in rooms they knew as children?posters from out-dated rock bands fading on the walls. Their neighborhood is changing, the insular town developing. Pappy idealizes the past, nostalgic for a simpler time. But when Paulie, the youngest daughter, stops taking her lithium and Pappy discovers he is ill, things quickly spiral out of control. Bittersweet Place is a portrait of a family in crisis, learning to love and survive. Troubled characters fighting fear and uncertainty--trying to overcome their own selfishness and xenophobia--people who know no boundaries, bumping and clawing furiously at each other?s lives. With empathy and humor, this story describes the messy production of a family, the burden and the intensity of feeling towards those we love.


ALEXANDRA BRODSKY --- WRITTER/DIRECTOR/PRODUCER Alexandra received her MFA from The Yale School of Art. She is an adjunct instructor at Long Island University. Alexandra has directed two short films, Didactic Encounter, based on the play by Elizabeth Benjami and Rabbi Rick and the Hamburger Choo-Choo. Both films have been screened at several international film festivals. Bittersweet Place is her first feature-length debut.