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Slow Space  .  director Klaus W. Eisenlohr
11/03/2006, at 05:30 PM
director Klaus W. Eisenlohr
country Germany
year 2006
duration 72 minutes
media 16mm
color Color
language OF
producer Klaus W. Eisenlohr

"Akari Miki

Gretchen Hasse

John Delk,

Laura Saenz,

Heather Lindahl,

Hans Gullickson"

cinematography Klaus W. Eisenlohr
editor Klaus W. Eisenlohr
music Carlos Archuela, Chris Aka, J. Frede, Matt Bonal

"Richfilm Productions

Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Osnabruecker Strasse 25

10589 Berlin/Germany

phone +49-30-34 09 53 43

email: office@richfilm.de



"Slow Space takes the viewer on a visual trip through places of glass architecture in Chicago. Filmed entirely within the urban constructed environment that makes up this contemporary North American city, Slow Space is a visually arresting investigation into how space is described, defined and ultimately experienced. Berlin filmmaker Klaus W. Eisenlohr commutes this relationship with the outside ?world? via an array of constructed transparencies in the glass domes and atriums that formed so much of architecture?s modernist preoccupation for a constructed inside/outside dialectic. Descriptions and ultimately opinions on the status of public space in Chicago form part of the film?s identity via a series of interviews conducted from the participant?s private domains. Street scenes with performers complement this film essay.

With his project in Chicago, the artist Klaus W. Eisenlohr has investigated the relationship between the body and the urban architectural environment over the time period of three years."


Klaus W. Eisenlohr was born in Tuttlingen and has been living in Berlin since 1989. He studied in Berlin and Chicago. The main focus of his works, many of which have received prizes at exhibitions in Germany, France and the USA, is with photography, experimental film and media art.


"Stadtrandzone Mitte ? Center of Urban Periphery 43min 2005

Slow Space 72min 2006

lesson one Die Allm?hliche Verfertigung des Bildes beim Malen ? The Continuous Process of Image Making through Painting 38min 2002 (collaboration with Johann Zeitler)

Slow Space - The Interviews 27min 2001"