Music-lounge during the 2nd International Filmfestival Frankfurt

in Metropolis - 2. ? 11.11. - 9 p.m.

Erobique (Hamburg) + Dj F (Soul Parlor/Unity Ffm)

His assignment as one third of the noble-phat dancepop-squad International Pony shows ponderosity. But Carsten Mayer has no intention to give up his solo career as what started many years ago in his birthtown in the German M?nsterland: being an entertainer for long nice partynights. Grooving in style on organ and sequencer, Erobique languishes the dancefloor to extasy till all the revellers are in love at dawn. DJ F from Frankfurt based ?Soul Parlour?-Team gives the Party its flavorish Round Up.

Putrauke (Slowenien) + Dj Spiegel

The Balkan keeps on dancing. And that there is no end in sight, the Slovenian band Putrauke takes care of. The collective brings at least seven members on stage, but not a syllable will be sung: The hits from Serbia, Bosnia and Macedonia are blown between the legs of the audience entirely instrumental. Traditional Folk, Disco and Rock ? everything jumbles and tumbles in a ludicrous performance. Assumedly the records of Frankfurt journalist and musiclover DJ Spiegel, who frames the Show at the Decks, will too.

Ljiljana Buttler & Mostar Sevdah Reunion

Ljiljana Buttler is one of the great re-discovered voices of Eastern Europe.?Her deep, almost masculine, voice?picks out words and tosses them into the air with effortless grace. In the former Yugoslavia, she was referred to as the 'Gypsy Ella Fitzgerald' and the 'Billie Holiday of Gypsy Music', but mostly she was called lovingly the 'Mother of Gypsy Soul'. What she is presenting to us now is a pure handbook of Balkan Blues. Mostar Sevdah Reunion have already put itself on the map of World Music. Sevdah is a traditional style of Bosnian music that goes back some 300 years or more. The name, from Arabic, means love, desire or ecstasy. Mostar Sevdah Reunion together with Ljiljana Buttler ,brought their special programme to London, Stockholm, Oslo, Den Haag, International Gypsy Festival- Tilburg, International Jazz Festival Moers, World Music Festival Almeria ? ? standing ovations followed each performance.

Ellen Klinghammer + Dj Leroy Brown (New York)

It might happen, that Ellen Klinghammer starts her show whishing her audience ?a very nice evening?. And then she makes it happen. The Frankfurt-based young musician proofs her sensitive feeling for the finer tunes in human interaction and is capable to reflect that in her songs (in english). Gathering the means of expression from Pop, Chanson and Jazz on piano, she can indeed beguile and make you listen. New York DJ Leroy Brown spins the records after the show.

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (New York) + Dj Julian Smith

Legendary Sun Ra Arkestras former trumpeters offspring counts twenty and maybe higher. To his seven younger sons Mr. Kelan Phil Cohran gave embouchures of wind instruments for pacifiers. It worked. As Hypnotic Brass Ensemble they play like gods. Living in Queens, they prefer to perform at the most beautiful outside spots in their city New York. Producing incredible energy for a kind of music that does not stop at Jazz, Funk, Soul nor HipHop. A demanding draft for local prospective Popstar Julian Smith, completing the evening as DJ.

Klaus Walter (HR 3 - Der Ball ist rund)

One of the last personal shows on public radio of ?Hessischer Rundfunk? basks in the broad sunlight of its second decade: ?Der Ball ist rund?, brought to us by Klaus Walter. Basically it started in the big world of independent music in the 80ties. From here it strolled over the seasons to all cardinal points of music. Nowadays Walter has earned his reputation as a journalist and as a fan, that by all means is somewhat geared to British idol John Peel. His theme for this evening: ?Trans-caribbean railroad, slenteng ? dubstep and back?.

Huah! + Dj Grrr! + Dj Mark Slovski

16 years ago they entitled their debut-album ?What are Huah! doing now?? The actual answer is: a reunion. A few weeks ago their second, highly acclaimed album ?Fuck capitalism? from 1992 was reissued, and the band, especially one of its masterminds, Knarf Rell?m (the smartest clown of the inherently smart music scene in Hamburg) could spare a few month. Their blend of Punk and Soul, of heart and blood, of dialectics and infatuation is everfresh anyway. At the Decks: DJ Grrr! & DJ Mark Slovski.

Three Normal Beatles + Dj Mark Slovski

Talking ?bout Three Confessed Men ? This trio is one of those bands from Hamburg that are made of brave men from other brave and sometimes famous bands. They love a sappy Rhythm & Blues out of an anarchistic garage. They are always well-dressed on stage, but musicians and audience are soaked after a few minutes. And that?s the time, when Klaus Ramcke (Les Robespierres), Thorsten Seif (Los Vegas) and Ted Gaier (Goldene Zitronen) start to have the real fun. DJ Mark Slovski plays records again.

Le Pop Dj Team

The wide world of the french sound of Neo-Chanson let our ?Music-Lounge? feel like a real ?Lounge? ? chic and fancy, at last. The ?Le Pop?-DJ-Team from Cologne is completely attended to the elegant rolling songs of the French Pop. They know about the mothers and fathers of Chanson like Jane Birkin, Fran?oise Hardy, Michel Polnareff and of course the gruffy-smart Serge Gainsbourg. And they know all about the actual cutural breed, like Dominique A, Vincent Delerm, Camille, Fran?oiz Breut, Mickey 3D and many more. Tonight you dance to the music of both generations.