Gaewa Neukdae Saiui Sigan (Time between Dog and Wolf)  .  Regie Jeon Soo-il
03.11.2006, um 17:30 Uhr 04.11.2006, um 12:30 Uhr
Regie Jeon Soo-il
Drehbuch Jeon Soo-il
Land S?dkorea
Jahr 2005
Dauer 110 Minuten
Format 35mm
Farbe Farbe
Sprache OmeU
Produzent Kang Sung-kyu
Produktion Dongnyuk Film

Ahn Kil-kang, Kim Sun-jai

Kamera Jung Sung-wook
Schnitt Lee Dong-wook
Musik Kae Soo-jung



Kim receives an unexpected phone call from his cousin, Il-kyu, who tells him his mother will soon be meeting his father, although the two have been separated since the Korean War. Kim returns to his birthplace in search of his father. During the trip, he meets a woman who is searching for her younger sister, who also disappeared years earlier. The film?s rigorous style, slow rhythm, long periods of silence and cold atmosphere create moments of pure lyricism and offer a reflection on cinema, love, national division, and memory.


Der 1959 geborene s?dkoreanische Filmemacher Jeon Soo-il studierte Theater und Film an der Kyungsung University in Pusan (Korea) und Filmregie an der ESRA Filmschule in Paris. Jeon Soo-ils Spielfilmdeb?t ?Wind Echoing in My Being? (1997) wurde im Rahmen des Cannes ?Un Certain Regard? Programm aufgef?hrt. Sein Film ?The Bird Who Stops the Air? (1999) erhielt den Hauptpreis beim 14. Freiburger Filmfestivals und den NETPAC Award in Pusan (2000).